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Hummie Holmquist
These photos are from the 1924 Trade Tour.

Drum Major Lou Pray

1928 Spencer Fair - click to enlarge
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This photo of the 1928 Fort Dodge Municipal Band at the Spencer Fair
taken in front of their tent camp includes their cook.

Identified are Bill Spielberg, french horn, fourth from left in the back row,
Oden Johnson, sousaphone, just to the right of Karl King,
Fred Zalesky, clarinet, left end of the front row,
Cy Tremain, left of bass drum, Hummie Holmquist, right of bass drum,
Walt Engelbart, trumpet, third from the right in the front row,
Fred Engelbart, trumpet, second from the right in the front row,
John Magennis, trumpet, right end of front row

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