Iowa Senate Resolution 150
Request for a Postage Stamp Commemorating Karl King

To highlight Senator Daryl Beall's resolution to honor the memory of Karl King by commemorating him with a U.S. Postage stamp, the Karl King Band performed in the Iowa Capitol Rotunda on April 11, 2006.  This opportunity came up very quickly for us, said band director Jerrold Jimmerson, but it is an excellent opportunity for the band to bring the name and music of Karl King to the attention of the people of Iowa.  His legacy reaches around the world. The resolution and submitted stamp designs will be given to the U.S. Postage Stamp Advisory Committee in May for their consideration and decision.

Download a video excerpt of Barnum and Bailey's Favorite played in the Iowa Capitol Rotunda.
(16 mb mov format)

Band Manager Oley Olson had prepared the senators for this resolution by providing both a list of awards conferred on Karl King and a souvenir copy of Tom Hatton's Hawkeye Glory, the history of the Karl King Band of Fort Dodge.

Video excerpt 1 of Broadway One-Step (11 mb mov format)
Video excerpt 2 of Broadway One-Step (8 mb mov format)

Senator Beall is seen here in the Senate Chamber with members of the Karl King Band.

Witness the the senate's unanimous vote for Resolution 150. (6 mb mov format)

Oley Olson visits with Senator Beall following the band's performance.

Download Oley Olson's Senate Chamber response to the vote. (17.5 mb mov format)

Oley Olson, band manager - Senator Daryl Beall - Jerrold Jimmerson, director

Capitol Rotunda program
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite March
Broadway One-Step
Invictus March
Circus Days Galop
Emblem of Freedom March

Senator Beall makes Assistant Conductor Keith Altemeier an honorary Senator.

Can a galop be performed successfully with the echo-chamber acoustics of the Capitol Rotunda?
Yes! But it takes a special band of expert musicians.

Download a video excerpt of Circus Days Galop. (18 mb mov format)

Senator Beall appears with Karl Killinger, former baritone soloist for Karl King

(Thanks to Nancy Olson for a number of these photos)

The Fort Dodge Messenger publicized the effort to secure a stamp for Karl King.